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Posted by Okechukwu Ngene
Few days ago, I made a post on how to attach files to yahoo mail. But there’s something I realized in addition to some comments/complain from our esteemed readers. I have observed that the attached files can not load or it’s taking longer to load despite the fact that the size of the file is below the 25MB size limit as specified by Yahoo.

I equally checked my internet connection and discover that the problem is not from there. I think the new Yahoomail! is still in beta stage hence the problem of uploading attachment has not been rectified. I will submit feedback to them later in the day using the feedback tab. So, how did I attach my file quickly without hassle of waiting endlessly for the file to be uploaded?

Well, I quickly login into one of my yahoo mail account so as to find a way of rectifying this problem and I discover that I have not yet switched to the new yahoo mail account.

My account was still in Yahoo Classic. So in other to test if its taking long to attach a file, I quickly attached a file almost in the same way I did in my previous post and within seconds, My files was attached. So, in this post, I will show you how I was able to do that.Follow the steps below.

1) Login into your yahoo account the normal way.

2) Save any of this two links or both below in your draft folder. Just save the draft with whatever name you like. See the image below.

3) Right click or press CTRL + Click to go to Yahoo mail Classic whenever you want to send an attachment.
See the image.

That's all. 

Note: You can test this link by clicking on it if you already logged into your yahoo account. It will take you straight to your Yahoo classic account.

I have personally verified those two links. Both are pointing to yahoo mail classic and it’s always easy to load attachments fast.

Please, use this method anytime you want to switch-over to Yahoo mail Classic. So, save those links in a in a secured place. Am still checking for a permanent method of switching over to Yahoo mail classic.

Have you tried this trick? Do you know any other way to do this? Kindly use the comment button to tell us your experience.

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